Tiranoc Titans - Ellyrion Gunslingers: 2 - 3

Chaos Cup 2013
Gate: 29,000
Date: 26 Mar '14
Winnings: 60,000
Winnings: 40,000
Fanfactor: 1
2 inducements
Tiranoc Titans: Extra Team Training (free)
Tiranoc Titans: Starplayer Eldril Sidewinder (free)
4 casualties
Rohan Streamwise was KILLED when he was hit by Revolver Ocelot. The Apothecary managed to change this into a movement decrease
Barkson Branchsitter was seriously injured when he was hit by Daisuke Jigen
Sanphriel Lightstar was badly hurt when he was hit by Dash Rendar
Spike Spiegel was badly hurt when he failed to dodge
2 most valuable players