The Helmsbach Humans - The Gold Diggers: 1 - 1

'Friendly' Game
Gate: 23,000
Date: 27 May '14
Winnings: 40,000
Fanfactor: 1
Winnings: 40,000
Fanfactor: 1
2 inducements
The Gold Diggers: Starplayer Boomer Eziasson (free)
The Gold Diggers: Starplayer Barik Farblast (free)
1 completions
2 touchdowns
4 casualties
Tiny got a strength decrease when he was hit by #14 Francis. The Apothecary managed to change this into a badly hurt
Marble Head was KILLED when he was hit by #14 Francis
Tiny was seriously injured when he was hit by #2 Terry
#11 Devon Broadshoulder was badly hurt when he was hit by Grimlock
2 most valuable players