Kanta "Sunabözu" Mizuno

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Position: Night Elf Mohawk Quarterback
Gender: male
Real nam being Kanta Mizuno, he is also known as the "Demon of the Desert". A 17 year old member of a mercenary group known as the Handyman Guild, he is outwardly obsessed with large female breasts and sex. Although thought of as a despicable person, he is highly professional in accomplishing assigned tasks. His legendary reputation is due to his good luck, practicality, sharp wit, specialist equipment, and his grandiose self-promotion.
MA 6
ST 3
AG 4
AV 7
Night Elf Mohawk Quarterback
TD 1
48 SPP
Value: 140K
Career record
vs Kenau
Joke Smit was seriously injured when she was hit by Kanta "Sunabözu" Mizuno
Shax got a movement decrease when he was hit by Kanta "Sunabözu" Mizuno
vs RR
Dante Gallo was KILLED when he was hit by Kanta "Sunabözu" Mizuno
Diego de Espinosa was badly hurt when he was hit by Kanta "Sunabözu" Mizuno. He then regenerated
01 Sep '11
At 6 SPP
At 16 SPP
At 31 SPP