Roland Deschain

Position: Lineman
Gender: male

Roland becomes a gunslinger at the unheard-of age of 14 after being manipulated into taking the "trial of manhood" by Marten Broadcloak, his father's adviser and an incarnation of Randall Flagg. Marten has an affair with Roland's mother and makes sure Roland finds out about it, prompting Roland to request his trial in order to gain his guns and exact revenge on Marten. In the trial, Roland must defeat his teacher, Cort, using a weapon of his choosing. He chooses a hawk named David and defeats Cort. Roland sacrifices David to win the fight, setting the tone for Roland's future choices in life. Despite Roland's victory, Cort and Roland's father convince Roland to bide his time before seeking retribution.

Not long after, Roland's father sends him on a mission to the town of Hambry in the Outer Barony of Mejis with his friends Alain Johns and Cuthbert Allgood, who will form the basis of his first ka-tet. While there, he comes into the possession of a pink crystal ball, one of 13 magical artifacts referred to as "Maerlyn's Rainbow." It was while looking into this artifact that Roland first discovered his destiny to quest for the Dark Tower.

MA 6
ST 3
AG 4
AV 7
Value: 80K
Career record
vs AZ
Completion by Roland Deschain
Most Valuable Player was Roland Deschain
vs PBC
Completion by Roland Deschain
vs PBC
Completion by Roland Deschain
21 Jul '11
Injuries sustained
vs AZ
Roland Deschain was seriously injured when he was hit by Marielle Dembele (Traitor)
vs Brokers
Roland Deschain was seriously injured when he was hit by René-Thierry Magon de la Villehuchet
vs Pack
Roland Deschain was badly hurt when he was hit by Peter Lawford
At 6 SPP