Daisuke Jigen

Position: Lineman
Gender: male

Daisuke Jigen is a smooth gunman who is most seen accompanying Lupin's heists. Despite Jigen disliking Lupin's lust for women, to the end he remains loyal in being Lupin's reliable partner.

Despite Jigen's gruff facade, he has an ironic sense of humor and genuinely enjoys participating in each caper with partners Lupin and Goemon. He is, by far, the more pragmatic of the group, with a cynical streak founded in failed romances (his luck with women runs from bad to worse, with love interests often betraying him or dying). He especially distrusts Fujiko and becomes irritated when Lupin goes along with one of her plans. Among Lupin's group, Jigen is the least apprehensive at taking human life. While he considers killing women and children taboo, he is willing to put down any man who offers a threat.

MA 5
ST 3
AG 4
AV 7
TD 1
10 SPP
Value: 90K
Career record
vs Spin
Completion by Daisuke Jigen
vs TT
Completion by Daisuke Jigen
vs TT
Barkson Branchsitter was seriously injured when he was hit by Daisuke Jigen
vs Rollers
Touchdown by Daisuke Jigen
Hernando Niño de Guevara was badly hurt when he was hit by Daisuke Jigen
26 Jul '12
Injuries sustained
vs AG
Daisuke Jigen was badly hurt when he was hit by Marcel Duchamp
vs Kenau
Daisuke Jigen got a movement decrease when he was hit by Ien Dales
At 6 SPP