Always Hungry

The player is always ravenously hungry - and what's more they'll eat absolutely anything! Should the player ever use the Throw Team-Mate skill, roll a D6 after he has finished moving, but before he throws his team-mate. On a 2+ continue with the throw. On a roll of 1 he attempts to eat the unfortunate team-mate! Roll the D6 again, a second 1 means that he successfully scoffs the team-mate down, which kills the team-mate without opportunity for recovery (Apothecaries, Regeneration or anything else cannot be used). If the team-mate had the ball it will scatter once from the team-mate's square. If the second roll is 2-6 the team-mate squirms free and the Pass Action is automatically treated as a fumbled pass. Fumble the player with the Right Stuff skill as normal.