Ball & Chain

Players armed with a Ball & Chain can only take Move Actions. To move or Go For It, place the throw-in template over the player facing up or down the pitch or towards either sideline. Then roll a D6 and move the player one square in the indicated direction; no Dodge roll is required if you leave a tackle zone. If this movement takes the player off the pitch, they are beaten up by the crowd in the same manner as a player who has been pushed off the pitch. Repeat this process for each and every square of normal movement the player has. You may then GFI using the same process if you wish. If during his Move Action he would move into an occupied square then the player will throw a block following normal blocking rules against whoever is in that square, friend or foe (and it even ignores Foul Appearance!). Prone or Stunned players in an occupied square are pushed back and an Armour roll is made to see if they are injured, instead of the block being thrown at them. The player must follow up if they push back another player, and will then carry on with their move as described above. If the player is ever Knocked Down or Placed Prone roll immediately for injury (no Armour roll is required). Stunned results for any Injury rolls for the Ball & Chain player are always treated as KO'd. A Ball & Chain player may use the Grab skill (as if a Block Action was being used) with his blocks (if he has learned it!). A Ball & Chain player may never use the Diving Tackle, Frenzy, Kick-Off Return, Leap, Pass Block or Shadowing skills.