Right Stuff

A player with the Right Stuff skill can be thrown by another player from his team who has the Throw Team-Mate skill. See the Throw Team-Mate skill entry below for details of how the player is thrown. When a player with this skill is thrown or fumbled and ends up in an unoccupied square, he must make a landing roll unless he landed on another player during the throw. A landing roll is an Agility roll with a -1 modifier for each opposing player's tackle zone on the square he lands in. If he passes the roll he lands on his feet. If the landing roll is failed or he landed on another player during the throw he is Placed Prone and must pass an Armour roll to avoid injury. If the player is not injured during his landing he may take an Action later this turn if he has not already done so. A failed landing roll or landing in the crowd does not cause a turnover, unless he was holding the ball.