A coach may choose to have a Bombardier who is not Prone or Stunned throw a bomb instead of taking any other Action with the player. This does not use the team's Pass Action for the turn. The bomb is thrown using the rules for throwing the ball (including weather effects and use of Hail Mary Pass), except that the player may not move or stand up before throwing it (he needs time to light the fuse!). Intercepted bomb passes are not turnovers. Fumbles or any bomb explosions that lead to a player on the active team being knocked over are turnovers. All skills that may be used when a ball is thrown may be used when a bomb is thrown also. A bomb may be intercepted or caught using the same rules for catching the ball, in which case the player catching it must throw it again immediately. This is a special bonus Action that takes place out of the normal sequence of play. A player holding the ball can catch or intercept and throw a bomb. The bomb explodes when it lands in an empty square or an opportunity to catch the bomb fails or is declined (i.e., bombs don't 'bounce'). If the bomb is fumbled it explodes in the bomb thrower's square. If a bomb lands in the crowd, it explodes with no effect. When the bomb finally does explode any player in the same square is Knocked Down, and players in adjacent squares are Knocked Down on a roll of 4+. Players can be hit by a bomb and treated as Knocked Down even if they are already Prone or Stunned. Make Armour and Injury rolls for any players Knocked Down by the bomb. Casualties caused by a bomb do not count for Star Player points.