Ellyrion Gunslingers

Coach: Alucard
Race: Elf
Team value: 1610K

Hailing from the distant lands known to man as Ulthuan, these Elves are raiders like not seen before by many. Gunslingers by name, their appearance on the pitch makes them a much-appreciated opponent by many teams, yet their approach to the game as unseen by their kin. Many a player has suffered their demise at the hands of this team, as well as long passes and fast running games. Where this will lead them, only future will tell...

Short name: Gunslinger
1 retired player
1 cheerleader
1 assistant coach
An apothecary
Last games
02 Apr '17
Live Fast, Die Young
Ellyrion Gunslingers
3 - 0
26 Nov '15
Ama Zone
Ellyrion Gunslingers
0 - 1
29 Jan '15
1e FC Arachnida
Ellyrion Gunslingers
2 - 1
30 Jul '14
H't 'mp'r''m
Ellyrion Gunslingers
0 - 3
01 Jun '14
Ellyrion Gunslingers
1 - 2